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Universal testing programmes are in place for pregnant women, drug users, clients of Social Hygiene Clinics and tuberculosis (TB) patients.

  • HIV test is offered to all clients attending the Maternal and Child Health Centres of the Department of Health (DH) and the Antenatal clinics of Hospital Authority (HA) hospitals as part of routine antenatal blood testing without additional charge.
  • The methadone clinics of the Department of Health offer urine HIV antibody testing to all attendees on a yearly basis. This not only assists early diagnosis of infected drug users, but also provides useful epidemiological information for this vulnerable population.
  • Clients with sexually transmitted infections are also at risk of HIV infection; HIV test is therefore offered to all clients attending the Social Hygiene Clinics of the Department of Health.
  • As TB is a common complication in local HIV patients, HIV test is recommended for every patient with tuberculosis.