Integrated Treatment Centre

Medical Consultation Services

A. HIV Clinic
B. Other Medical Consultation Services

A. HIV Clinic

The HIV Clinic provides systematic HIV clinical care through a multidisciplinary health care team approach to ambulatory HIV-infected patients. It dedicated to the highest standard of confidentiality in building trust and therapeutic relationship with patients and their families. Various components of HIV care and services within this clinic include:

1. Medical Management
HIV specialist doctors provide HIV-related medical care for mainly ambulatory patients, with regular follow-up. Dermatology consultation and visiting psychiatry service are available on-site. Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) is used after case-by-case assessment.

2. Counselling Service
The Counselling Service is provided by nurse counsellors in assessing the care needs of patients and planning appropriate interventions. Counselling provides knowledge of HIV, and treatment and also empowers the patients to make the best informed choice in management of the disease. On-going counselling is offered to meet the needs of the individual and to provide physical and psychosocial interventions.

3. Day Ward Service
The Day Ward Service provides nursing and treatment procedures such as minor operations, general and special investigations, and inhalational treatments.

4. Dermatology and Genito-Urinary Medicine (GUM) Services
The Dermatology and GUM Services provide medical management and health counselling to HIV/AIDS patients with dermatological problems and sexually transmitted infections respectively. Consultation fee is required for dermatology consultation as published in Government Gazette.

5. Medical Social Service
The Medical Social Service is manned by professional medical social workers to render support to HIV/AIDS patients and their families with social and emotional problems arising from illness, trauma or disabilities. It enables patients and their families to make the best use of medical/rehabilitative service in medical institutions and in the community. It contributes to the total rehabilitation of individuals and their reintegration into the society as well as strives for the promotion of health for patients, their families and the community.

B. Other Medical Consultation Services

1. Therapeutic Prevention Clinic
The Therapeutic Prevention Clinic is an appointment-based clinic that provides follow up management of HIV, HBV and HCV exposure through needlestick injuries or mucosal contact with blood or body fluids. Upon first aid and emergency treatment provided by the Accident and Emergency Service, a referral to this clinic is given to the patient.

The patient may then call (852) 2116 2929 for an appointment which he/she attends with the referral letter.

Consultation fee is required for each visit of which the charge is published in Government Gazette.

2. Viral Hepatitis Preventive Service
The Viral Hepatitis Preventive Service provides public health education towards the prevention of viral hepatitis. It also provides counselling to HBV carriers and those at risk of infection referred by partner organizations. Vaccination is given to health care workers of the Hong Kong Government.

Information on viral hepatitis can be accessed at the Viral Hepatitis Hotline (852) 2112 9911 or at