Integrated Treatment Centre

HIV Care Referral Procedure

Once you test positive for HIV, it is essential that you seek medical care and treatment with HIV medicines as soon as possible. HIV is a manageable disease nowadays. With effective treatment, you live longer and healthier, as well as greatly reduce your risk of transmitting HIV to others.

If you have got a confirmed laboratory blood result of your HIV status at hand, either you or your referring doctor may call us directly at (852) 2117 0896 for an appointment.

A confirmed laboratory blood result is a conventional test as opposed to rapid test. It is a blood taking from vein and takes 1 week for the result, whereas rapid test (finger prick/oral fluid) only requires 20 minutes. Rapid test is only a screening test. Any positive rapid test result should be followed by confirmatory test of venous blood conducted by a laboratory.

On the day of your appointment, bring along with you:
(a) a copy of the confirmatory laboratory blood result
(b) the medical referral letter

Fees and charges are required for each visit as per Government Gazette. For details, please refer to the following webpages:
Fees and charges for Outpatient Services and Laboratory Services provided by Department of Health

DH2293 Anonymous Reporting Form for Healthcare Providers
Download the Form DH2293 (PDF File)
No postage stamp necessary if posted in Hong Kong